• Encrypt-Keeper@lemmy.world
    6 days ago

    I assume due to the PC release?

    Well deserved, it’s a great game. Some people bash it because because it doesn’t do anything particularly novel or new despite all its hype, but what people don’t really consider is how rare it is that we just get a good, solid game with satisfying mechanics, beautiful sound design, a story to keep you interested until the end credits, and just enough side activities for the completionists without going totally overboard. It nails the formula Ubisoft usually goes for but without all the fat and monetization. It’s not even in my top 5 games but I’ve still played it through more than once because it’s just really fun and easy game to pick up and play.

    I enjoyed it more than a game like RDR2 because although that game does some incredible things, my experience was constantly hampered by a predictable and often meandering story, getting railroaded into scripted shooting galleries, a world that looks vibrant and full of life but full of side activities that serve little to no purpose, unfinished half baked mechanics, and the general disappointment knowing what it could have been. An oft-proclaimed “masterpiece” that’s full of flaws and missed opportunity. I’m grateful for games like GoT that aim a little lower but hit their mark and stick the landing.