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  • It was back in 1996 when an episode of The Simpsons featured a joke where Cypress Hill believed they had mistakenly booked the London Symphony Orchestra, whilst under the influence.

    On Wednesday night, that joke becomes a reality at the Royal Albert Hall.

    After years of fan pressure, the American hip-hop group reached out to the LSO over social media and a deal was struck.

    I went to meet the band at their rehearsals in central London.

    “It’s been something that we’ve talked about for many years since the Simpsons episode first aired,” B-Real (real name Louis Mario Freese) told the BBC.

    The British connection goes beyond the LSO. In the episode, it was actually Peter Frampton, best known for his 1976 album Frampton Comes Alive, who was the guy trying to book the orchestra.

    Cypress Hill laughed when I asked if he was on the guestlist.

    “Yes, actually, we’ve been trying to invite him,” B-Real said.

    It’s like life has become one long Simpsons episode.

  • Initial thoughts:

    Does import but only from three sources:

    import list or archives from some 3rd party sites:

    • Goodreads reading list
    • Letterboxd watch list
    • Douban archive (via Doufen)

    This could be an issue:

    login with other Fediverse identity and import social graph - supported servers:

    • Mastodon/Pleroma/Firefish/GoToSocial/Pixelfed/friendica/Takahē


    The login page specifically mentions signing in using Mastodon (although In assume the other named services also work) and returns a 404 if you try to use a Lemmy instance:


    So I signed up with my Mastodon account and that went smoothly.

    The data page does show that the importing is only from the named sources.


    It’s a very nice looking service and should prove very useful.

    For our purposes here it would need Lemmy integration but that’s not insurmountable, it’s written in Python so there should be plenty of people who could get stuck in an add it.

    I’d, personally, want to import my IMDb lists but that’s not difficult to fix as other movie sites allow this (I know Trakt do, and the clunky fix is to go via Letterboxd who also appear to do it but I haven’t tried there).

    So a few issues I’d like to see addressed but neither look too difficult and, as this has only just popped up on our radar, I am sure there are people thinking along the same lines (and many others, as this has huge potential).