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  • Appreciate it. That’s the thing though, have to keep fingers crossed, shit could still happen. We have seen what cancel culture has done to people of all groups when being falsely accused.

    Angry reactions is a good example recently. It’s been years since I watched the dude, because I dont use tiktok anymore, deleted the app and my account years ago, but genuinely he was a funny and wholesome guy.

    When the drama started, I stated that it was important to take both sides seriously, wait for facts and evidence to come out, and not just instantly side with one. I’m not gonna debate which one’s worse, but sexual assault is wrong and damaging to someone’s life, but so is the accusation of it. People forget that, and hell, I think it’s another thing that seems so obvious that people are just so ignorant of.

    When it came out that he was indeed innocent, and the accuser admitted to making up some B.S., the damage was done, his reputation already went down the gutter, and that’s gonna sting.

    With this only growing to be more common, this is the type of shit that I’m just scared of. Even when you were PROVEN to be innocent, your life is still ruined. That’s what makes me not to touch any relationships or even interacting with “children” MY AGE anymore with a 500 mile radius.

    I don’t want any silver of possibility of being put into that position where I get falsely accused, and if I do, it’s (hopefully) clear that it’s not possible. Call it trust issues or whatever, but I hate risks, and at this rate having relationships of any kind is fucking risky.

  • This is a lot for me to comprehend, but as for people randomly calling people a pedo is mind-boggling and down right gaslighting. Unfortunately I’ve had an experience of this myself, recently, just for making jokes with friends around my age. It wasn’t my friends who were calling me a pedo or anything, but rather third parties who didn’t like what they saw and slapped an ominous name on it, tried to build up accusations, and started misinterpreting pretty much everything.

    Mind you, I am a 17M. I don’t like children like that, it’s fucking disgusting. I am scared shitless to turn 18, am afraid to even consentingly joke around with my friends. I’m scared shitless to even get a relationship at all because of this and I’m afraid of false accusations from completely (hidden, or those who have grown to be) psycopaths. I’m afraid of human interaction, because I know these claims are nothing but baseless, but the problem is people eat that anyway and throw people the consequences they shit out.

    Also, these same people accusing me of being a pedo and a creep, are no more than 15 years old AND fetishizing men well over 20 years old “impregnating” them. It’s disgusting, scary, projection, and worrisome to say the least. Shit like this makes me have no hope for society, I’m not sure how much longer I can stand to live in it.