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  • This is good to hear, honestly. I felt like I am taking crazy pills a bit when so many people in these comments are saying there is something wrong with me for not being immediately really into someone I just met.

    I think one of the difficulties I had is that…maybe a decade ago when I was a lot younger, I had someone who was interested in me. I wasn’t interested in them, but they were nice and so I thought I would maybe try it. We go on a date and it’s going fine but the guy wants to be able to kiss and stuff.

    I get that boundaries are a thing and you can tell people no, but… I noticed at that point that most people are sexual. And most sexual people seem to be immediately interested in making out and having sex with someone. I get that not everyone is this way, but the majority of people are because they are driven by sex. So it’s all just a bit confusing and difficult to navigate as someone on the asexual spectrum.

  • It’s very interesting that you say that because it’s one of the reasons why I don’t simply call myself “asexual” and why I don’t identify with the community.

    I remember discovering the asexual community over 10 years ago and being excited that I finally found people that are like me. But then I was immediately met with confusion at how…sexual…everyone was. People would masturbate regularly or even have sex regularly. I didn’t get it and it didn’t seem to fit to me.

    A better descriptor for me would be someone that has a non-existent libido and cannot physically feel sexual pleasure, but that’s a bit tmi for a general post.