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  • Oh no not the Oath Keepers! Bruh they’re a bunch of beer swilling fat LARPers too even if some of them are ex military.

    And just because you have military training doesn’t make you a good insurgent.

    1.) Ex military are trained to fight within a larger army. If you Trumpers really start something you will be 100% on your own.

    2.) Most Ex military have a head full of screws loose. The number one way vets die is by suicide. If you think they will be an effective fighting force you are delusional. Many of them got sectioned out for this very reason!

    3.) In fighting. You Drumpfters all think your snowflake ideology is the true way. Turns out the shooter was a Republican. This will be amped up 100x of y’all start actually getting desperate.

    And so what of your parents are boomers. They’re part of the problem. They’re most likely reactionaries that are culpable for where we are now.

    I am not afraid one iota, anyone that puts in the necessary time to defend themselves shouldn’t be either.

  • Exotic loams liken DSCRs are only used to buy investment properties. Investor demand is what’s driving the shortage and exploding home prices. Just like in '08.

    Yes many primary residency borrowers got 4 percent on traditional loans. But investors didn’t because they were in a buying frenzy from 2019-2022. They couldn’t wait for traditional mortgages, these were the supposed “cash buyers” that were infamously waiving inspections and appraisals. The FHA isn’t going to let you do that.

    Go ahead and get your news from “professionals” who were denying the existence of a bubble at all until this month.

  • There’s a ton of exotic DSCR loans underwritten by private equity firms that have HIGH interest rates. They may not be as pervasive as ARMs were in '08 but there’s more than enough of them to effect the market if they collapse.

    It’s a myth that people there’s tons of people who won’t give up their “4% mortgage”. Only well capitalized investors could get that. Most investors paid way over both on price and financing through doggy private equity financing. You don’t know what you’re talking about.